What We Provide


We use the same ozone sanitizing system used by professional and collegiate sports teams, as well as the United States Military. Ozone (O3) is a gas that has high sanitizing properties; greater than bleach, and kills greater than 99.99% of all bacteria in your sporting or professional equipment. The Ozone sanitizing system kills everything from the cold and flu to staph and MRSA. Our ozone sanitizing system is completely mobile, bringing our services to you. There is no high heat, tumble, water, or chemicals used. It is the perfect sanitizing solution for sports and professional equipment. We are able to sanitize large amounts of equipment quickly and it is ready for use immediately. Ozone sanitizing for sports teams is an easy step in preventing and controlling staph and MRSA.



After researching the best and safest sanitizing systems, we decided to use the EvaClean Infection Prevention and Control Program. This program combines PURTAB Effervescent sanitizing tablets (EPA Registered) with Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers. This is a bleach alternative that meets high standards for efficacy, safety, value, and sustainability. The EvaClean program delivers more predictable and repeatable results that greatly exceed those of current disinfection and sanitizing programs. The electrostatic charge of the sprayer allows the solution to form droplets which attract to the surface that is being sprayed. This makes sanitizing every surface in a facility extremely fast. Most gyms can be completely sprayed in thirty minutes to one hour. That includes all equipment, floors, bars, locker rooms, bathrooms, and staff areas.