This is me, Chris McNamara! I run Mac’s Ozone. I love hockey, football, and being active! About 9 years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It grew from moderate to severe and no medication worked for more than a few months.

Throughout the last couple of years I landed on multiple immunosuppressants along with biological medication to control my symptoms.
8 months ago I began to have many other issues arise due to the medications I was on and being immunosuppressed. Every time I put my hockey gear on I broke out in rashes to the point that playing was no longer comfortable. I was not able to play without getting an infection. 
With no where to get my gear sanitized I began to research the best methods to sanitize equipment and I landed on ozone sanitizing, the same method that many NHL, NFL, and collegiate teams use. I tried it on my gear and have not broke out into rashes since. 
I loved being able to play hockey again and wanted to give people the same state of mind while they put on their equipment. Every athlete and professional should feel safe from bacteria, mold, or fungus in their equipment! 

The journey of finding safe sanitizing solutions has led me to helping individuals, teams, gyms,  and departments!